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                    NBC Residential Air Filtration Systems
                NBC Жилой Системы фильтрации воз
                      NBC cư Hệ thống lọc không khí

All systems manufactured at our facility are factory assembled and tested to ensure filter fit, seal and proper operation.
All workmanship is warranted from the factory for mechanical and structural integrity under normal installation and operation conditions.  

All systems manufactured by CFI are shipped complete with filters, operation CD & manual, replacement parts list and factory system and filter test reports.

Shipped FOB direct in the US & Globally

     Contact our North Carolina Factory for details and questions
                                     phone: 252-565-2537

                                 4 week delivery in the US
                                   8 week delivery export

          - Think & Be Prepared-
  Biological & Radiation Air filtration           systems for the Home Owner
With over 40 years experience designing and building secret
Biological & Nuclear grade Air Filtration Systems for the government.
    CFI's system's layout for Pre-Hepa-Carbon system's
(Contact factory for system pricing and replacement filters)

Possible impact / fallout area's

Impact range - 50 miles
Fallout range - Airborne 100-500 miles
Click the link (CFI-P-H) to open the link for that specific system.
System fans are sized optimally for room pressurization according to room square footage.
Downstream 2" Final dust handling Prefilter
12" Deep Second Stage Carbon Absorber
12" Deep Single Stage Carbon Absorber
11-1/2" Deep 99.99% eff. Hepa Filter
Upstream 6" Prefilter
1 - Optional Hanger
2 - Optional 6" Foot
3 - Pressure Gage
4 - Filter Access Door
Item #
Yellow - 80%
Blue - 75%
Brown area - 30%
Red area - 20%
This product is designed, constructed  and tested as per government specification       # 76-21 of the Nuclear Air Cleaning Handbook. All welds  are Section-9 certified. All testing is per ANSI-N509 per CFI standards & procedures
(see system spec section)
All information and maps shown below are real and actually                         taken from Government web-sites
        (Scary thought but true facts & public knowledge)
South Carolina
North Carolina
    I am only showing a few local states here for example
       where Biological or Nuclear Attacks are possible

        How long should you take cover?

  **Time spent inside Safe rooms, Basements, Fallout            Shelters & Bunkers depends on the type and attack                   location in relation to you.

Biological release = 2 weeks (wind currents / direction)
Nuclear = 4 months (wind currents / direction)

  Standard wind currents impact 0-100 miles from impact
           US Warfare Chemical bulk storage facilities

   (not excluding the Center for Disease Control (CDC)
         Where every disease known to man is stored)
            US (active) Nuclear Reactor facilities
This site contains names of Government Facilities all over the United States. Some areas are password protected while all information shown in this site is somewhat scary but factual & public knowledge including news articles with names and pictures.
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Just a wire transfer and your system is on it's way
The best move you could ever make for your protection
     Independent operated facilities for Nuclear Fuel Rod storage
    Are you and your loved ones safe? Be prepared, give us a call
                                  Depts of Homeland Security

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  U.S. nuclear power plants vulnerable to 9/11-                      style attacks: report                                                                     Thursday, August 15, 2013

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. nuclear power plants are not adequately protected from threats, including the theft of bomb-grade material that could be used to make weapons and attacks intended to cause a reactor meltdown, a University of Texas report said on Thursday.
Not one of the country's 104 commercial nuclear reactors or three research reactors is protected against an attack involving multiple players such as the ones carried out by 19 airplane hijackers on 9/11, said the report by the Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Project, or NPPP, at the University of Texas, Austin.

One in three people live with in 50 miles of a very dangerous what could be a target for a  terrorist attack. Are you or is your family ready or protected against this?
Industry mishaps and transport accidents Happen.
(stored or transported by train or trucks everyday)
Foreign or domestic terrorist acts in populated areas.
Chemicals travel in wind currents, undetected in some cases traveling 100's of miles in any direction.
Our system pressurizes a room or area with safe to breath air filtered for people to gather or live in for months if needed.
This system runs on 120v AC and switches to 12V DC with AC power loss.
A stand alone system with only an entry air duct connection from outside.
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