1. Fan blower
   Is 12 volt inverter drive. (low db operation) Fixed 100 cfm for room        pressurization and operates by 110 ac to 12 volt transformer while         power is available and switches to battery manually on system front      panel.

2. Easy to install components:
   Add directly to existing ductwork or stand alone feed for pressurizing     of a specific location or your home with clean (non contaminated)         air.

3. Material:
  Galvanized Steel / Stainless Steel (including bolting hardware)               Casing has a Gray exterior powder coated finish.

4. Assembly:
   Welded / gasketed, bolted

5. Installation:
   Gasketed / bolted / metal flex duct connection

6. Gasketing:
   1/4 " & 1/2" High Temperature Silicon sheet water jet cut to insure a     machine fit for absolute seal at bolted connections. High temp              Silicone rubber will never lose it's memory for an absolute seal.
   High Temperature Silicon  is the best close cell gaskting available          and widely used in all high end filtration systems. Silicon sheet will       never loose it's memory even when over compressed. Identified with       a red color, this material will handle temperatures over 700 degrees       F.

7. Flange connection:
   Reinforced for bolt spaceing is per specifications ERDA-7621                  Nuclear Air Cleaning Handbook.

8. Design:
  Per ERDA-7621 Nuclear Air Cleaning Handbook.

9. Filters:
  Room side replaceable through gasketed access doors,                                 99.97/99.99 Hepa filters, Activated Carbon filters.

10. Filter clamping
   Achived with a (patten pending spring loaded cam-lock device and            operated by a lever located inside, behind  each filter access door.         1/4 turn rotation at the top and bottom of each filter after being           installed. Filter clamping lever locks spring loaded construction will      keep filters properly seated for an absolute seal even if the system is      dropped while in operation.
11. All of our systems are designed to meet zone 4 seismic or impact           area requirements and qualifications. Materials and heat number           traceable as in a Government air filtration requirements to ensure         structural integrity
My design incorporates:
The CFI line of defense is designed to have double turned reinforced exterior bolting flanges with all sharp edges removed. We incorporated stainless steel Hepa and Carbon filter sealing surfaces with an exterior galvanized system shell. Component flanges are rienforced and use a one-piece (no seam) 1/4" thick, closed cell high temp silicon sponge gasket for absolute seal. Gasketed flanges are reinforced and have bolt hole spacing no greater then 3-1/2" per American Nuclear Society standards, per NQA-1 Nuclear requirements..
Fan is 100 CFM, 12Vdc, direct drive brushless with an onboard step-down transformer from 120Vac voltage. Powder cord is 12AWG x 20 foot long.
Filter Clamping is by Stainless Steel spring loaded cam-lock which snaps when in lock position. A spring loaded filter sealing mechanism delivering 1,400 pounds of pressure assures an even distribution force for filter seal.
Hepa filters are separaterless Nuclear Grade.
  1-Upstream Prefilter size 12x12x6 deep
  2-Systems house (1) 12"x12"x11-1/2" deep Hepa filters
  3-Systems house (1-2) 12x12x11" deep Activated Carbon cells
  4-Downstream Final prefilter size: 12x12x2 deep
  3-Dwyer 0-3 Magnehelic gage w/change out flag for Hepa
  4-Dwyer 0-5 Magnehelic gage w/change out flag for Carbon Cells
Decon ports
  (1) one Decon port both upstream and downstream of entire system        (1" NPT snap w/lockout stainless steel ball valve)
System size:
  CFI-P-H 15"x15"x52" including fan section
  CFI-P-H-C-P is 15"x15"x71" including fan section
  CFi-P-H-C-C-P is 15"x15"x91" including fan section
System Weight:
  CFI-P-H is 75 pounds including filters
  CFI-P-H-C-P 100 pounds including filters
  CFI-P-H-C-C-P 150 pounds including filters
Filter Access Doors:
Each filtration element location shall be provided with an access door to remove the filtration element and replace it with another.  Access doors shall be single-wall type.  The filter access door shall be sealed to the housing front by means of a skinned silicone closed cell sponge gasket.  Silicone gasketing shall not have a memory during prolonged compression, (i.e. it will never lose its shape or composition during compression) and shall be replaceable.  Each access door shall be rigid and provided with at least (4) four tie-down latches.  The access door shall be designed such that, when removed, no sharp projections remain.
Welded joints and seams:
All pressure retaining welded joints and seams shall be continuously welded, (CFI-standard). Housing shall be free of all burrs and sharp edges.  All weld joints and any portion of any gasket setting surface shall be ground smooth and flush to base metals.  All welding shall be visually inspected by a procedure having each welder operator qualified in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section IX.  All welds shall be visually inspected by qualified factory personal in accordance to ANSI/AWS D9.1-1990, (“Specification for Welding of Sheet Metal”).
Factory Testing and Quality Assurance:
The filter housing shall be manufactured under CFI’s quality assurance program that addresses the workmanship requirements of ASME NQA-1 “Quality Assurance Program Requirements for Nuclear Facilities”.  All production welds shall be visually inspected per CFI’s standard procedure (C-2012 “Visual Inspection of Welds”) which incorporates workmanship acceptance criteria.  The filter housing shall be tested for filter fit, filter sealing, and surface flatness.  Each housing module and the complete pressure boundary shall be leak pressure tested by the “Pressure Decay Method” in accordance with ASME N510-1998, “Testing of Nuclear Air Cleaning Systems,” paragraphs 6 & 7, at standard conditions or under the operating pressure and temperature, whichever is greater (both filter sealing surface and overall housing are tested).

System Specification's