Bunker / Fallout Shelter Installation
  For the home Bunker, this is a simple system to install. All we need to know when you place your order is how you plan to install it and where and we do the rest for you for a custom fit.

A - Floor mount
B - Ceiling hung
C - Ductwork (new)
D - Ductwork (existing)

  Our system is designed for use by pressurization, pressurizing  an area with safe, clean filtered air to breath incase of a Bio Hazard.
  The system either sits on the floor on installed feet or hangs from your ceiling by factory installed hanging tabs.
When installed, this system can be duct connected to your bunkers air intake and just let the air flow through the filters and into your desired SAFE AREA.
The system comes with a 20 foot power cord and does not require any wiring, just plug it in and turn on the blower. The blower uses a lighted indicator switch for operation.
Power Outages:
  The inverter drive blower allows this system to operate from 120 volt ac to 12 volt with the flip of a switch.
Metal Flexible ductwork
System hanging tabs
System w/ blower attached
This system has:
1 - 14 ga./11 ga. Galvanized Metal casing
2 - All joints (welded/bolted w/water jet cut components and               silicone gasketing).
3 - Fan blower 12 volt inverter drive. (low db operation)
4 - Gasketed filter access doors w/ filter identification label.
5 - Power switch is nema- 4 moisture/waterproof box with                   indicator light and lock out guard to control usage. System           comes with a 20 foot heavy 120 VAC power cord with ul-class        1 plug.
6 - Dwyer Magnehelic pressure differential with change flag                gages to measure filter resistance and loading rate for proper        change-out.
7 - Duct connection upstream offers a 12" Diameter x 4" extended      collar with a 3/8" high raised rib for clamp installation to                prevent duct blow off. The system has a  wire mesh  screen           which protects installed final filters from the room side.
8 - Filter Locking mechanism's are cam drive, lever operated from      inside the door opening when the filter access doors are               removed.
9 - Pre-filters are 6" upstream, to remove large dust and particals        from the air flow to prevent the hepa filters from loading to            fast. 2" downstream to remove dusting from the Carbon filters.
10 - Hepa Filters are 99.99 % efficiently Nuclear Grade for airborne      partical removal. Filters are standard size and have an                    upstream gasket for an absolute seal when properly installed.
11 - Carbon Filters are 12" deep, Nuclear Grade Activated carbon        and will remove any gaseous material which could be fatal            if ingested.

  This system is designed to be ceiling hung and metal flex duct connected to the (existing) air intake duct. The air inlet end or upstream duct connection is sized to fit a standard 12" flex duct and metal clamp.