What is a Hepa Filter & how does it work?
Hepa filters were originally created to remove dust from the air. dust is measured by partial size and filters are manufactured to remove them according to sizes to be removed from the air depending on what your trying to stop. The Glass-Borison fibers with anti-bichromial media catches the partials as they try to pass through the media. The media is woven polyester for a larger weave and glass borison for .03 micro size partials which is woven much tighter which also creates more air flow resistance.
Hepa filters are rated depending on their efficiency. they start at 60% Ashrae and go to 99.99 Nuclear grade for micro size partials.
Filter media is glass boron fibers, and retain particals 1/10 th the size of a human hair.
Hepa filters are manufactured to handle 1000 CFM and can go to 2000 CFM for high capacity in a single 24x24x11-1/2 size case. Frames or cases come in wood, galvanize or stainless steel.