Why install this system?

  No one wants to think about being attacked, but times as they are, there are all types of harmful chemicals out there, being tested or used in contained environments every day. It could affect you or your family even is a simple transport truck were to become overturned and leak, anything is possible.
  There are times when these chemicals escaped or released, on purpose or by accident and this is a large concern in preservation of our future.
  Systems like this (using the same filters/filtration technology) only much larger are in operation every where inside the US and OverSeas, containing all types of hazardous fumes or toxins.
  These events are usually passed along to the public and most of the time not.
  The time for all for one and one for all is past. Who really cares about you or your family's health and safety but you and I am speaking frankly about this.
  These type of outbreaks are normally contained or kept secret and happen more frequently than you would care to know.
  Chemical warfare is today's technology and the simplest method for terrorist to impact our population and non detectable until released. Biological gas invention is the future for attacks by Chemical warfare. A gas attack would be a general release in a large city or populated area where Bombs would be for destruction and targeted at specific locations.

Possible Targets / Type:
1 - Chemical process facilities (bomb to destroy and release biologic)
2 - Military bases (every city has armory's, hospitals & law enforcement)
3 - Chemical test facilities (bomb to destroy and release biologic)
4 - Military air strips (bomb/biologic)
5 - Industry byproduct off gassing (bomb to destroy and release biologic)
6 - Garbage incinerators (biologic)
7 - Oil refinery's (bomb/biologic)
8 - Toxic or Radio Active waist transports (guarded and satellite tracked but                                                                   use normal interstates)(bomb/biologic)
9 - Coastal area's (missile/bomb/biologicc)

Think about all the above, we are all in positions to suffer some type of catastrophic attack or event producing harmful or a deadly fallout.
It will be to late after the fact and that's why I have designed these systems and offering the CFI line of defense. This is an affordable line designed for the General Population.

  The only way to be safe is protect yourself and your loved ones the best and cheapest way you can. Face it, times are getting more technical and our environment is becoming a testing ground for good and evil.
  Our system allows the small guys, groups or home owners to have the same protection as the Military,
  Our systems are designed for a simple install for an area that you want to protect from exposure or the air you breath.

  Our system allows you to take any sealed off area either above or below ground, connect the air intake to an outside air source and filter (remove) out any gasses and contaminated particals of dust.  The filters (Hepa/Carbon) are designed to remove by trapping odors and contaminants from entering the filtered area.

Our system is designed to connect to a gasketed blank off plate mounted to a room side window frame. The system sits on the floor or hangs from the cieling, We supply a metal flex duct which connects the blank off plate to the air intake of the filter system. The on board fan draws air from the outside and passes it through the filters inside the sealed system case creating a protected area. (see link to Home Owner for clarity)
Pressurizing an area with filtered air is the only true way to prevent harmful odors or gasses from entering creating a safe area incase of a terrorist chemical attack.

Bunker / fallout shelter:
With this system, being assembled complete with filters shipped loose, enables the buyer to simply hang it in the desired area. Install filters and  metal flex duct from the marked air intake duct to the upstream duct connection on the unit.
Plug in the system and check fan for operation. The fan operates main 12 volt DC and runs on 120V-60hz by an inverter while electrical service is active. The 12 volt fan enables the system to run effectively having a very low room noise offering no detection from outside the room or area.

Oil Refinery or bulk propane or gas storage facilities?
Major Air Port, Navy, Army or marine air station or any military base,  Armory or other Government buildings or facilities?
Port authority or state shipping dock, Ship Yard?
Nuclear Facility?
Not Pictured:
Armory, labratory, Pharmacutical manufacturing, Agracultratural chemical manufacturing or storage?

In an event you or your loved ones could be in danger having a life altering experience.
State Prison, Mental facility or County Jail?
Independant owned bulk oil, gas or propane storage?
Convenient store with 3000 plus gallon underground gas and fuel storage & propane tank storage cage?

The safe distance to be from a single exploding 20 pound propane cylinder is 1000 feet, most stores have 20 tank's on hand (rapid exchange)
Do you live 100 miles or less from one of these?
State Capitol, Sea Port or large city?
   Foreign or Domestic? Just a matter of time
Shelters are built to your finances or basic needs